In 2020, Our Alumina Products Will Gradually Increase To Meet The Needs Of Customers

- Feb 17, 2020-

In 2020, our alumina Products will gradually increase to meet the needs of customers.

The alumina products lines which will increase to more quantity include activated alumina, pseudo boehmite, alpha alumina powder, activated alumina powder, alumina beads and some other alumina products. In 2020, the important research is gamma activated alumina series, specially cylinder, clover the other paticular activated alumina carrier.

Activated alumina quantity in 2020 is 20000 metric tons.

Pseudo boehmite quantity is 18000metric tons.

Alpha alumina  powder is 15000 metric tons.

Shandong Bairui Chemical Technology Co., ltd and Zibo Xiangrun Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd one of three biggest alumina products manufactures in China. 

Hope Old clients and new clients more cooperation!